The mission of SWAKAB College is to promote youth potentials, creativity and skills for national development by developing and delivering educational programs relevant to the daily lives of young people in bid to develop Sierra Leone as a whole.

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Since 1996, we have successfully created an unending impact

Trained over 2,450 Students & Technicians.


The mission of SWAKAB College is to promote youth potential, creativity, and skills for national development.


We prepare our students to become leaders equipped with the knowledge & confidence to make a difference in the world.

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Who we are

To contribute to nation-building and influencing the lives of young people, SWAKAB has established more than five health centers with plans to extend into other catchment areas. SWAKAB now also boasts having an established college with two campuses at Daru and in Freetown as well with plans of extending to other areas when the need arises. 

SWAKAB was established in 1996, at Portee to provide health services to the people of Portee and its environs, after a successful health service delivery there was the need for the establishment of nursing aid training for women who showed interest in nursing but lacks the upper hand and required criteria by universities. SWAKAB with team of expert thought is wise that it was timely for training of nursing aid. However, it was trial time as it was during the war. However the successful training of the first set of students who were trained at the clinic open the way for the establishment of college, however this was halted by the war in 1996.

Our Mission

The mission of SWAKAB College is to promote youth potentials, creativity, and skills for national development by developing and delivering educational programs relevant to the daily lives of young people in a bid to develop Sierra Leone as a whole.

Our Values

To transform and empower young people

To develop programs to support the development of leadership, communication and other business skills.

Our programs & events

Our Services can be under one of the following categories.

Health Sciences

The Health Sciences Program at our college offers a comprehensive curriculum blending theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

Information Technology & Engineering

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at our college empowers students with cutting-edge digital tools and resources.

Technical & Vocational Training

Our Technical and Vocational Training Program offers hands-on learning experiences tailored to equip students with practical skills for the workforce.

Our Events

What sets us apart!

SWAKAB College of Health Science, Management and Technical Vocational Education and Training is dedicated to make Sierra Leone become a nation free from idle and unskilled young people, where every youth will have equal access to quality, accessible and affordable education that will empower and transform the nation’s youth and aged to take leadership role in their communities and beyond.

Upcoming Events

Discover exciting upcoming events in the Program section.


Engage with insightful workshops, inspiring guest lectures, interactive seminars, and networking opportunities.


Stay tuned for a blend of educational and entertaining events that cater to diverse interests and enhance your college experience.

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Donors (i.e. individuals, companies, and agencies,) can support the institution through bank transfer or postal bulletin by clicking on the Donate Now sign or indication. All bank details will be available on the site.


Individuals can volunteer by sending an application to the office of the Human Resource and Admin Office indicating areas of interest for volunteering purposes.


Join us at Swakab College either as a Student or teaching or volunteer staff.

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How to apply

For information on how to apply – please call the Swakab Admission committee, during office hours on +23278915683

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The Program section showcases our diverse range of academic offerings, providing students with a comprehensive educational experience. Explore our cutting-edge courses, expert faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities designed to nurture your academic growth and career aspirations. Join us to embark on a transformative journey toward excellence in your chosen field.